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FTP [file transfer protocol] Instructions

1. Click on this link to download the executable ftp software: http://www.platformhostplus.com/software/blazeftp.exe

2. Click the downloaded file to open and install the Blaze FTP software.

3. Enter the url of: nutreebookkeeping.com into the field entitled URL.

4. Enter the user name of: [to be provided separately] into the field entitled User.

5. Enter the password of: [to be provided separately] into the field entitled Password.

6. Review the Port Number and make sure it is labeled with the number 21

7. The Anonymous box should NOT be checked.

8. The Passive box should be checked.

9. Click the Connect button, and you should see the connection commands scrolling in the box below. This means you have set up your ftp software correctly.

10. You may easily begin to upload your files by dragging and dropping files from the left side of your screen (which is your local computing device) to the right side of your screen (which is your private portal to Nutree Bookkeeping).

11. Reach out to your contact at Nutree Bookkeeping to make us aware that you have uploaded file(s) into your FTP account.

Please contact us at 254-200-9998 if you have any questions regarding ftp [file transfer protocol] services.

FTP Instructions

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